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We have pills and creams to help enhance and improve your love life! From creams to numb to increased sensitivity, to speed things up or slow things down...whatever you are looking for, we have what you need to be your most potent sexual dynamo!


Tropical Fusion Aphrodisiac Sex Mints

Infused with sensual stimulants, each of these tropical ...

Sales price: $5.25
Discount: $-3.74

Passion Max Strength Anal Desensitizing Lube - 8.25 oz

This anal lube has the highest concentration of potent ...

Sales price: $21.40
Discount: $-10.10

Nipple Lightening Cream- 4.25 oz

Use this simple lotion, infused with natural ingredients, ...

Sales price: $10.57
Discount: $-10.43

Passion Performance Stamina Spray with Maximum Lidocaine

Our Passion Performance Male Numbing Spray has the highest ...

Sales price: $11.80
Discount: $-7.19

2-in-1 Massage Oil and Warming Lube- 8.25 oz

This warming lube will provide a rush of heat, while giving ...

Sales price: $11.50
Discount: $-9.50

Testosterone Boost All Natural Dietary Supplement 60 Capsules

This stimulating lubricant with caffeine will give you an ...

Sales price: $21.40
Discount: $-18.59
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